Jason Derulo racked up an astronomical drinks bill during what must have been an insane night out in London.

The Daily Mirror allegedly obtained a receipt from the London nightclub Merah, which revealed that Jason threw down £38,000 -- or $60,000 -- for booze at the bar.

The bulk of the bill was taken up by a single £28,000 bottle of Cristal Methuselah -- that's about $45K for a bottle of bubbly -- yeah. Derulo dropped about $4,000 on fashion designer Roberto Cavalli's luxury brand Italian vodka, and needed 45 Cokes and 40 Red Bulls to wash it all down.

Derulo certainly gave 'Don't Wanna Go Home' a whole new meaning! That is one epic bar tab for someone who just turned of legal drinking age this year.

Earlier this year, Miami rap kingpin Rick Ross dropped a reported $1 million at his hometown strip club King of Diamonds, where he celebrated his 35th birthday. Seems like spending loads of cash in one night is the thing to do these days.

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