The most dominant storyline throughout the history of hip-hop is the classic American rags to riches story. With so many harsh economic hardships occurring during the last few years, it was inevitable that a few new versions of this story would start popping up on self-released mixtapes and singles. Yet in a new twist, a Long Beach-based janitor is really taking the whole rags part literally.

Meet Kei-Shon-Son -- a former janitor at Long Beach College that was told to leave his job due to the state's horrific budget problems. Instead of sitting around depressed or scouring for a new job, Kei-Shon recorded a single called 'Get Comfy' -- a solid mixture of New York influences, Southern bounce and his unique story.

"This is a track about what everyone works hard for -- the chance to relax," he told Everything Long Beach. "I really wanted to provide quality music for a broad audience."

Kei-Shon isn't exactly new to creativity and artistic expression. He attended Jordan High School -- a famous Long Beach institution that actually produced both Snoop Dogg and Warren G. Using his studies there and subsequent work during his off-hours throughout the years, Kei-Shon is hoping to use 'Get Comfy' for some social good. He plans to donate 20 perfent of his profits from sales to help others losing custodial jobs throughout California.

Head over to Kei-Shon's site to check out the song and support a good cause.