As reported by AOL Music, after admitting to a lifetime of body image issues and insecurities in her tell-all book, "True You: A Journey to Finding and Loving Yourself," Janet Jackson has taken "Control" of her fluctuating weight and unhealthy attitude towards food. As the icon celebrates her 46th birthday (May 16), she's revealed her secrets to looking and feeling fabulous!

The NutriSystem spokesperson can obviously credit the diet program for helping her slim down, but Janet says there's more to her success than that. For starters, she has no idea how much she weighs! "I don't know how much weight I've lost, only because I stay away from the scale," she told PEOPLE. "I don't think [stepping on the scale] is healthy. You're setting yourself up to fail and women's bodies fluctuate every month -- certain time of the month in particular -- we bloat a great deal," she said. We hear that!

After plugging NutriSystem a bit, the singer admitted that she strays from the plan's pre-packaged meals as she's moved on from weight-loss mode to maintenance mode. "I love caramel apples! NutriSystem doesn't have that, so that's probably my cheat food," she confessed, adding, "I go out to dinner with friends, but then I just get back on it. It's about maintenance."

As for her exercise routine, Janet makes sure to vary her workouts. "If I'm getting ready for something like a tour, I work out six days a week. I like to switch it up. I may go for a run or bike," she shared.

It looks and sounds like Ms. Jackson is in a very good place as she enters her late 40's. "I'm really happy with the way that I feel at the moment," she said. "I feel very good, and it's been a long time since I've felt this good." Good for you, Janet, and happy birthday!

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