Janelle Monae has been a force in the music industry since dropping gems like "Tightrope," "Electric Lady" and "Yoga." But while the Grammy Award-winning artist found success for herself, she knew she had to pass along the opportunity to "make it" to others. Thus, Wondaland was born. Under the brand, the ArchAndroid creator uses her platform to bring artists up like the neo-soul duo St. Beauty and the "Classic Man" singer, Jidenna.

"Everything was about timing. I had, of course, focused on my career and people like Big Boi and Outkast and Sean "Puffy" Combs, they opened up doors for myself and Wondaland. For people to know about Wondaland. And after I finished the "Electric Lady" I felt a bigger responsibility," she said before explaining that she was thinking of what would be her next move.

She fulfilled her mission with starting Wondaland, but there was a criteria The Electric Lady creator had for the artists she would enlist.

"Just like they helped my career, I've always had a passion for helping the careers and enriching the lives of others around that I feel have a voice, they're a visionary, they have something to say and their voice is important for people to hear," the 29-year-old explained. "A singing voice, you know, their messaging, and I was just around these incredible artists for however long we've known each other visually. And I said you know what it's time. It's time. Something's missing. Something's missing and we have to be the answer," she said.