Janelle Monae performs her body-rocking hit "Yoga" during the Eephus tour in New York City.

As one of the last performers to hit the stage, the Queen of Wondaland was easily the highlight of the night for audience members in the Toyota-sponsored show.

"Are you ready?" she asked the sea of fans as they screamed so loud it would likely drown out the "Electric Lady" singer if she weren't mic'd up. As she threw her jacket aside, the eclectic songstress, dressed in an all-white jumpsuit with hints of black, proved that she was in the same mindset as the excited crowd -- ready.

As she stands in front of her whining back-up dancers, also in all-white ensembles, the ArchAndroid creator jams out onstage. One moment where she's getting her groove on is when she places one hand behind her head and thrusts her hips forward multiple times with her line: "Call me Dirty Diana." She then does a small whine of her own as she sings, "I'm my own private dancer."

With live instruments including trumpets, drums and keyboards, the "Tightrope" singer also brought some body rolls and a side flex of her arm muscles into the choreography for the chorus. And let's not forget when she delivers "Get off my areola" and points to her own.

Nearly every audience member had their phone out making sure to capture all the glorious moments and snippets for playback (especially as Jidenna joined her). Wondaland fans can watch the full enticing performance in the video above.