For her latest single off 'The Electric Lady,' Janelle Monae smoothes it out with some help from certified hit-maker Miguel on a new lovers anthem, 'Primetime.'

If you have been searching for track to share with that special someone lately, look no further. Monae and Miguel have delivered one of the most pure romantic ballads of the past few years right here. With that in mind, 'Primetime' actually sounds like something you'd hear on an R&B/hip-hop radio station in the mid-'90s.

That's not to say this track sounds dated or even nostalgic. Rather, it's reminiscent of when ballads were less about getting someone between the sheets and more about making sure they know you love them. That might read as corny, but there's nothing wrong with wanting to hold someone without making sure the embrace leads to a trip to the bedroom.

You can listen to 'Primetime' above. 'The Electric Lady' drops Sept. 10.