Internet rap phenoms Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone are getting ready to move beyond their 'Rollin' with Saget' days.

Though that single and flashy video paid homage to former 'Full House' TV dad Bob Saget, the group aren't so kind with 'Miami Vice' star Colin Farrell.

Fans of the duo's debut CD, 'Blowin' Up,' already know the effort contains a cut called 'Knuckle Up' and its intro, 'I Don't Want Beef,' about the Irish actor, with taunts and references to his infamous sex tape. So have Kennedy and Stone bumped into the actor since dropping their CD?

"No," Kennedy tells AOL Music, slightly relieved. "It was all done in comedy, but hopefully he won't beat me up because he is Irish."

Stone, however, is hoping his co-conspirator's path crosses with Farrell's. "I hope Colin takes a swing at Jamie, because we could really use the press," he cackles. "It wouldn't be such a bad thing if Jamie could take one for the team. I highly doubt Colin Farrell is listening to our CD, and if he is and he really gets upset, then the guy has no sense of humor. We unwillingly watched his sex tape. He put us through that."

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