Jamie Kennedy and Stu Stone kicked off their rap career with a big boost from the Internet, and things don't appear to be slowing down. Their latest single, 'Circle Circle Dot Dot,' off their debut album 'Blowin' Up,' has become yet another World Wide Web hit for the group.

"I don't know if you've seen YouTube, but kids of all ages, adults [and] babies are making videos on their own just rapping along with our [song]," Stone tells AOL Music. "It's pretty crazy."

The duo's label is currently shipping out remixes of the track to DJs and radio stations. For the video release, Stone says, those homages may come in handy.

"We're trying to take all that footage and put it all together and maybe make a video out of it, because it's just so cool," he says. "That just sort of started happening organically, and it's grown like crazy. It's insane."