Weird Al may have gotten acclaim for spoofing Chamillionaire, but it could be comic rapper Jamie Kennedy who gets to hang with the rap superstar in person.

"We've actually had some interest from Chamillionaire's camp in opening up for him," Kennedy says of possible tour options for him and rap partner Stu Stone. "[That] woud be sick, 'cause I love him."

Kennedy and Stone are still promoting their album 'Blowin' Up' in Los Angeles, with upcoming appearances including a gig hosting a Halloween party. Staying local will give Kennedy a chance to finish shooting a new film he's set to star in.

"It's kind of in the vein of 'Malibu's Most Wanted,'" he tells AOL Music. "Instead of a guy who wants to be a rapper, it's about a guy who wants to be a breakdancer."

And apparently the fun doesn't stop there. "It's about a kid who in 1986 goes into a coma, and he wakes up in 2006 and wants to still breakdance, and he finds out how much the world has changed," he explains.

Oh, we get it -- 'Rip Van Wigga.'

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