Oscar-winning actor/singer Jamie Foxx has reportedly partnered with MTV to produce an exciting new sketch comedy series.

Foxx will be the executive producer of the show, his first since the 'Jamie Foxx Show' ended in 2001. MTV claims the new series will be "the next generation of 'In Living Color,'" the legendary 90's sketch show that launched the careers of Foxx, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez and many others.

Foxx, who most recently starred in 'The Soloist,' will be developing the series with producer Jamie Rucker King ('Held Up'), Marcus King, writer/producer Fax Bahr ('In The Army Now,' 'Malibu's Most Wanted') and producer/director Adam Small ('Another State of Mind,' 'Malibu's Most Wanted').

Foxx's album 'Intuition' just went platinum last month, and his next film is the F. Gary Gray directed thriller 'Law Abiding Citizen,' which hits theaters in 2010.

MTV has not yet confirmed the air date of Foxx's show, but we can't wait.