Ever had a night where you wanted to blame it on the alcohol? Well, Jamie Foxx has turned what could be an embarrassing moment into his smash No. 1 hit 'Blame It,' featuring T-Pain, and an even funnier music video. Mr. Foxx doesn't do anything small so he checked his celebrity Rolodex and called on some of Hollywood's biggest names for cameos.

For Foxx, getting Academy Award nominated actors Samuel L. Jackson, Forest Whitaker and Jake Gyllenhaal, and director Ron Howard in one room, is all in a day's work. "We didn't have a lot of money for the video. We called Hype Williams and said 'Hype this is a video that you should have your stamp on,'" Foxx told The BoomBox. "Then during the inaugural [ceremony] I was talking to Ron Howard. I said 'Ron would you be in a music video?I have the song of the year it's called 'Blame It.' Will you do it?' He said 'Sure I'll do it. Just give me a call."

Foxx used Howard's appearance as a bargaining tool to bait Whitaker, Gyllenhaal, and Jackson. They all agreed but the actor/musician admits he didn't think anyone would actually show. Not only did they show up but so did a man wearing a panda bear head, which Foxx insisted on for a little comic relief. "I'm laying in the bed late night...and a panda bear head popped in my head. I called my man Bryon, I said 'I don't know why but I see a panda bear head being in the video for no reason.'" [Laughs].

Despite all those big names, including Quincy Jones, Cedric the Entertainer and Morris Chestnut, the most important cameo for Foxx was his younger sister Deondra Dixon, who has Down Syndrome. Dixon begged her older brother to dance in the video. He agreed, calling her performance "the heart of the video."

Now with 'Blame It' atop the Billboard Hip-Hop/R&B charts, and his third album, 'Intuition,' on track for platinum status, touring is on Foxx's mind -- but not with Jennifer Hudson as previously reported. "I would be so obliged if she would allow me to do that but I know she's on tour with Robin Thicke." However, Foxx will hit the stage to promote his album after he finishes working on 'Law Abiding Citizen,' with Gerard Butler. The legal drama is due to hit theaters in March 2010. Foxx also plans on returning to his comedic roots and launching a comedy tour next year.