For many years, Jamie Foxx has walked the fine line between music and movies. Occasionally, the two paths intersect, most famously with 'Ray,' for which Foxx won an Oscar. The actor once again portrays a musician in 'The Soloist,' which follows the real life story of schizophrenic cellist Nathaniel Ayers.

For Foxx, his passion for music is deeply intertwined with his love for acting. "Music always helps move a movie along and having that music background that intrigues me. And it's two different animals. I mean you look at 'Ray' and the success of 'Ray,' 'Ray' was like Americana. ['The Soloist'] is more about this guy with a beautiful story who happened to be a musician, he happened to be an African-American in Julliard and he happened to have Schizophrenia. So those were all the things that make up the guy. And then when you put it around music, that sort of brings everybody together." Foxx told Moviefone.

Foxx can more than relate to to the story of Ayers, being a classically trained pianist himself, claiming that "A lot of people may not know how competitive it is to play classical music, because when you think about it, the music that you're playing is music that's been here for years. And all you're trying to do is improve upon it when you play. So imagine everyone who's ever picked up an instrument all over the world who's tried to improve upon Mozart or Chopin or Beethoven, and then someone like Nathaniel Ayers, a young African-American back in the day who is able to play well enough to get into Julliard."

While people might be talking about Foxx's new film, his mind is already back on his music career. "Right now the music is where we are right now, that's what I'm trying to conquer. We've had the number one song in the country for seven weeks now with 'Blame It,' so we're just trying to see how far we can go with that. That is what I originally wanted to do for my whole life, and now to see it happen and to actually be selling records on our way to platinum and the people I've had a chance to work with." He's also used his movie connections to further his music career, recently enlisting a slew of celebrities friends for his 'Blame It' music video, most notoriously director Ron Howard. As for what Foxx thinks of the former 'Happy Days' star, "Ron Howard is ultimate cool, man." Read the full Foxx interview on Moviefone.

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