After a five-year hiatus from the music industry, Jamie Foxx is back and is ready to deliver some new music with his fifth album, Hollywood. The singer-comedian appeared on Hot 97’s Ebro in the Morning and dropped jewels about fatherhood, playing Mike Tyson in an upcoming biopic and more.

The conversation started with Foxx congratulating Ebro on being a new father. The crooner reflected on his own experiences with his now 21-year-old daughter and how she has kept him grounded in the entertainment business.

“Dad, don’t get too young,” Foxx quotes his daughter as saying, checking him on his wardrobe choices. “I had on some Giuseppe [Zanotti shoes] or whatever it is. [These shoes] had a belt, a locket, a chain and they engraved my name on them. My daughter was like, 'If you don’t [take them] off right the f--- now.'”

“Dad, you have old feet,” he continued. “You have civil rights feet. You got feet for marching. You need comfortable marching shoes.”

Foxx also talked about playing legendary boxer Mike Tyson in a biopic, which is still in pre-production. Oscar-winning filmmaker Martin Scorsese and Terry Winter (writer of Boardwalk Empire) are onboard for the big-screen flick. The “Blame It” singer tells a funny anecdote of meeting Tyson for the first time when he was a young comedian. Foxx explains Tyson's transition from ferocious boxer to a now quiet and eloquent man who cares about his family and wife.

Elsewhere in the interview, Foxx discusses his testicles hairs (don’t ask), bedding Oprah Winfrey, Michelle Obama's backside and thick women. Watch the conversation above.

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