While the rest of the audience came out to support Usher during the Belvedere Vodka Project Red event at club Avalon in Los Angeles on Thursday (Feb. 10), singer Jamie Foxx found himself in a scuffle. The Grammy nominated singer and Jermaine Dupri shared a special VIP area close to the stage and were spotted partying the night away before things turned violent.

Foxx was attacked by an unidentified attendee, before getting a few of his own punches in. Security later broke up the scuffle, escorting Foxx and his crew out of the venue. While an onlooker described the altercation as a "scuffle between friends," Foxx took no chances, leaving the club with bodyguards by his side, as he made it to a waiting Cadillac Escalade.

The invite only pre-Grammy event celebrated the collaboration between Belvedere Vodka and Project Red to raise money for the Global AIDS fund. Up next, Foxx will take to the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards airing this Sunday at 8PM ET on CBS.

Watch Jamie Foxx's 'Fall for Your Type' feat. Drake
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