You may vaguely recall a breakout artist from Barbados a few years back called Rihanna, who has done fairly well for herself, but now it's time for RiRi to share the spotlight with fellow Barbadian artist Jaicko, who is set to take the continental U.S. by storm. The confident 17-year-old has no confusion about his goals or the music he's making.

"It's Caribbean infused pop baby! When you hear my music, there's something about it that just sounds Caribbean," Jaicko said. "It's so subliminal, the way I sing, the melodies, I think being from the Caribbean is a big part of me being different in this market." The singer/producer, who has been performing in Barbados since he was 9 years old says that his despite his pop label, his music has clear island vibes.

"All the songs that I've written and produced definitely have that influence because it's all comes naturally; it's not anything I can explain. It's like with Akon, you always know that part of the African heritage is there, you can just hear it."

And as far as what he wants his new fans to learn about his hometown? "There's a lot of misconception [about where I'm from], just come to the Caribbean and see what it's like," he said. "People think that there's the world and then there's the Caribbean. Everything that you can do here in America, we do in the Caribbean," he said. "We get all the channels, a lot of us dress the same as Americans, we play Xbox, we have iPods. Let it be known that we're up to date man, we keep up!"

Check out the video for Jaicko's first single 'Oh Yeah,' from his upcoming December album, 'Can I.'