It’s not Halloween yet, but Jadakiss and Swizz Beatz bring terror to the streets in their new video for “Jason.”

The black-and-white clip, directed by Clifton Bell, flips the Friday the 13th flick in which Jason Vorhees murders campers at Camp Crystal Lake. In Jadakiss’ video, the serial killers are the police who brutally attack unarmed black men and women.

Swizz and ‘Kiss have hoodies and masks on as they intervene to stop a young black male from being tortured by two cops. The dynamic duo is also backed by the community, who rally in protest of police brutality.

“Officer don’t shoot, please, I can’t breathe,” raps Jadakiss, which is in reference to the late #BlackLivesMatter martyr Eric Garner.

Jadakiss is working on his long-awaited album Top 5 Dead or Alive album, which is expected to drop before year’s end.

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