One of hip-hop's unsolved mysteries is which New York Knicks player was the Notorious B.I.G. referring to on the classic track, 'I Got a Story to Tell.' The only hint is that he's 6'5". Hubert Davis is listed under that height, but again, nothing has ever confirmed.

This mystery was brought up again this week during an episode of ESPN's 'Highly Questionable,' on which Jadakiss was a guest. Hosts Bomani Jones and Dan Le Batard asked the New York rapper for an idea of who it might be considering Biggie was the man who gave him inspiration to continue on with his rap career. Looking to finally get the answers they were searching for, Kiss' response left viewers just as clueless as before.

"I still don't know who that player is," a straight-faced Jadakiss said. "B.I.G. wouldn't tell me. I've been doing my own investigation. I don't know."

A few think Biggie may have been referring to former Knicks player and fan favorite John Starks. He appeared on the same show last month and noted that the lyrics didn't refer to him -- he's 6'2". Jadakiss actually believes Biggie could very well have been referring to Starks when the host's pressed him on the guard's credibility.

Part of the reason why the mystery has went on for so long is because those who do know have kept their mouths shut -- like Starks, for example.

Before the Lox member ended his chat, he also shared some hilarious stories about DMX, including scary moments while driving in the same vehicle and hanging out with his pitbull Boomer.

Watch Jadakiss' share some hip-hop history above.

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