Jada Pinkett recently clarified the "platonic relationship" she had with Tupac. "We knew us being together in a romantic way would destroy everything because we were both fire. We would burn everything up! So we knew in order to preserve our relationship there was no way we could ever add romance to it cause we probably would've killed each other!" Oh, that makes sense. [WJLB]

Kanye's blonde ambition, Amber Rose, is comfortable in her skin. "I'm very comfortable with my body, even in my home I'm always naked. I love being free – no hair and no clothes...Sometimes the fame does get overwhelming because, for example, I like to be on the beach with my man with no top on. I'm very comfortable with my body, but there's no privacy - that's the only thing that overwhelms me. Every time I see a light flash I think it's the paparazzi. Those f--kers give me anxiety." Ah, man. Those guys ruin everything. [MTV]