As if his week wasn't going bad enough, with news that he will serve two years in prison, Ja Rule has also become the victim of a Twitter hacker. Following the news of his prison sentence, Rule took to his Twitter page to thank fans for their support on Monday. He later exchanged some insults and threats with his former nemesis 50 Cent, who unleashed some one-liners about Rule's impending prison sentence, but later apologized. Things got suspicious though, when Ja Rule appeared to bow down again and apologize to 50 Cent.

"@50cent, Listen man, I was thinking, I'm sorry I slapped you, I wanna [apologize] for everything," the hacker tweeted. "Man why you had to go in on my career like that tho? You f---ed my money up, I get it, your smarter, better rapper. I love you Curtis we coulda been great together."

Despite inquiries from some of his over 30,000 followers, the computer hacker maintained that he was in fact Rule, continuing his or her tirade of "self-loathing," and praise of 50, while pretending to be the rapper. "I wish I coulda [been] signed to g unit," read one tweet. "F--- @irvgotti that n---- ruined my career, all the drugs, rapin me on royalties, now I'm going to jail for 2 years." Although some were fooled, sending responses, music links, and requests for interviews, others saw right through the fake Twitter rant. 'Whoevers f---in with @Ruleyork accounts should suck a d---!" wrote one follower. "I'm convinced you aint Ja and I'd like to rob u," wrote another.

The hacker also posted Rule's alleged phone number and email, alongside a series of disses towards rappers like Tyga, Diddy, The Game and Noreaga. Of course in a situation as suspicious as this one, calling out 50 as the culprit, made it seem as though Rule had taken back control of his page. "This coward @50cent hackin my page is some sucker s--- that's y you'll never be half the man your mother was!!!" Read a post on his page. Yet a few minutes later the imposter was right back at it. "I'd suck @tygas d----. Irv used to give me backshots. My daughter don't even respect me."

Although Rule did manage to get in one tweet in saying that he was hacked, he has yet to take back his page.

Ja Rule feat. Ashanti, 'Mesmerize'
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