Where in the world is Ja Rule? "#FindJaRule" has been trending on Twitter today, leaving fans puzzled, but in fact, it had little to do with the rapper's whereabouts at all.

"#FindJaRule" stems from a promotion thrown by streetwear retailer KarmaLoop. "#FINDJARULE on @Karmaloop site win $1000 he is hidden in one men's product & one women's zoom-tweet us answer!" the site shared about a contest its running. Well, that makes sense.

Instead of searching through photos of sweatshirts and beanies looking for the prize, fans took "#FindJaRule" and made it into a running gag about the rapper and his career difficulties.

"Why can't anybody #FINDJARULE ? I thought he was #AlwaysOnTime," joked one fan, a nod to the MC's 2001 'Always on Time' hit.

Others poked fun at Ja's beefs with fellow rappers like 50 Cent. "@50cent and @Eminem know exactly where he is, he's in a hiphop coffin screamin #itsmurdaahhhh," tweeted one person, while another threw in, "saw that #FINDJARULE is trending and died laughing....im positive if someone checked 2003 you'd find him."

The rhymer took it all in good humor, posting his own response to the funny hashtag on Twitter.

Read some of the hilarious tweets below.