Ja Rule is looking to make a comeback and the first item on his itinerary is to put his past behind him, including his long-running beef with 50 Cent. The Queen's native revealed that 50's attempts to damage his credibility plus issues with his record label, resulted in the loss of fans, but he's hoping to get them back.

"I laugh when I see people say s--- like, 'Yo, [50 Cent] kilt Rule, but he didn't kill [Rick Ross]," Ja Rule told Vibe. "No disrespect to Ross, but he did 180-something [first week sales of 'Teflon Don']. I went platinum with [2004's] 'R.U.L.E.' after I made [2003's] 'Blood in My Eye.' I look at s--- like that and ... I don't know, take it how you want to take it. I was a much bigger selling artist than just platinum so I guess that's why people felt I took a hit. But the music industry was taking a hit at that time, too. You can't really judge it or try to make an issue out of it, or an excuse. It just is what it is."

Although he once ruled the charts with both solo hits and collaborative efforts with singers like Jennifer Lopez, Ashanti and R. Kelly, the 34-year-old has since seen an extreme career halt. Due to a label distribution agreement between Murder Inc. and Universal Records, Rule's previous album 'Mirror' was left hanging in the balance, forcing him to release it to fans free of charge.

"The best part about it is I'm humbled by it all," Rule says. "I feel like everybody deserves a second chance to do whatever. Really, I feel that my situation was an unfair situation. A very unique, very odd situation. Nobody ever seen anything like that in hip-hop, you know?

Now running his own label Mpire, Rule is prepping the release of his latest effort 'The Renaissance Project' which is due out at the end of the year.