Ja Rule is trending on Twitter right now for all the wrong reasons. Apparently, the New York rhymer is getting roasted in his mentions after he shared a story that he thought was real but was 100 percent fake.

On Monday (May 9), the “Livin’ It Up” rhymer went on his Twitter account and posted an incorrect story about the famous Crying Jordan meme. Ja Rule thought that Michael Jordan gets paid $1 every time it gets posted on social media. Of course, this is not true. In fact, the NBA icon doesn’t really care about the meme, but we digress.

The tweet, which has since been deleted (peep it here at SI.com), features a photo of the Crying Jordan meme and a link to the fake news story. "This why I love America while we all laughing at the Jordan crying face he gets a 1$ every time it gets post. Jokes on us!!!"

Actually, the joke is on you Ja.

Afterward, Ja Rule received a tidal wave of slander from folks on Twitter. Some of it is cruel, but the majority of it is hilarious.

The 40-year-old rapper is taking the jokes and slander in stride. He even poked fun at himself.

This just in... Breaking news y'all!!! The EARTH IS FLAT!!!" he tweeted and then adding, "Trump for President."

It's too late Ja Rule, embrace the slander.

Check out some of the hilarious reactions to Ja Rule posting that fake Crying Jordan meme story below. It's Muurrdaa!

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