Australia is very strict on letting entertainers with criminal records enter into their country and Queens, New York rapper Ja Rule found that out first hand over the weekend. Ja was scheduled to perform in Sydney, Australia on July 31, but it looks like the rapper will be a no-show after experiencing visa processing issues with the country's Immigration Department.

Ja Rule is not the first entertainer with a tarnished record to be denied entry into Australia. Coolio was arrested for drug possession at LAX in March and had to cancel his Australian tour. And rapper Snoop Dogg's visa request was denied in 2007 after pleading guilty to gun and drug charges and failing the country's character test.

Charges on Ja Rule's criminal record include an arrest in July 2007 where he was arrested and charged with weapons violations. In 2005, he encountered a $1,220 fine following pleading guilty to punching a fan in Toronto, Canada.

Having performed in Australia on two different occasions throughout his career, promoters have rescheduled Ja Rule's performance for August 25 with hopes that the immigration department will approve his visa in time.