Ja Rule may not have had the easiest couple of years, but he's a lover, not a hater. Discussing the new crop of rappers, Ja said "I like Drake. I like Nicki. I like the dude Tyga that's on the Chris Brown mixtape. I like J. Cole, he doing his thing. I even like Soulja Boy. The lil n---a smart, man. He make his records and do his thing, ain't bothering nobody. It's too much hate in this game. Hate is for suckas, man." Oh, definitely. [HipHopWired]

Janet Jackson says she knew Lady Gaga wayyyyy before you hipsters did. "Before she made it, before anyone knew who she was, I knew who she was and, to see her finally make it, I was so happy...If we were to work together that would be cool." Yo, calm down Ms. Jackson. [Metro UK]

When it comes to collaborating, Ke$ha has high hopes. As in, she might be high. "Some of my favorite artists of all time are classic artists, and the list is long when it comes to dream duets," she said. "Anywhere from a Mick Jagger to a Prince to a David Bowie." Hold on, I just puked on my keyboard a little. What were you saying? Oh totally, Prince/Ke$ha, mad lasers. Sounds awesome. [OK!]