Ja Rule and longtime business partner Irv Gotti sat down for a discussion of the Queens, N.Y. native's experience in prison, taking the L in his battle against 50 Cent, and more with Hot 97's Angie Martinez.

The 'Fresh Out Da Pen' rapper and the Murda Inc founder spend a solid 40 minutes or so speaking on pretty much everything surrounding Rule's career. It's particularly interesting to hear them talk about the rapid decline of his career and the Inc's prominence in hip-hop after being so successful.

Gotti, for example, remembered when songs he produced and/or released on his label, one after the next, spent nearly a year at the top of the charts. Then, suddenly, their streak was over and the legal troubles began mounting up.

On a similar note, Rule and Gotti reminisced about the rapper's battle against 50 Cent. They admitted that they took the loss in that beef and that there were a lot of elements that went into it. Rule said that 50 had a strong team behind him (Eminem and Dr. Dre, among others) while Rule's own team was seemingly falling apart.

At around the same time all of this was happening, Gotti and his label were indicted on by the feds on money laundering charges. Additionally, Rule said that they received calls from MTV and BET to not attend award shows because 50 and his crew were going to be there.

Basically, if you have wanted to know more about Ja's career after he was dominating for so long, you need to watch this. You can view part one of the interview above while the second, third, and fourth parts are below.