Despite retiring in 2009, J-Zone decided it was time to make his comeback after going through a series of ups and downs that could only lead to inspiration. In this case, it's a new concept album that he's teasing today with the 'Peter Pan Syndrome' sampler.

The seven tracks within the sampler work to both preview the album, which is his first in nine (!) years, and give you a taste of the narrative. In terms of the latter, we're hearing a head-first dive into the mind of a 30-something who's clearly got his fair share of justified gripes.

J-Zone goes in on our culture's obsession with technology on 'Gadget Ho'; takes the concept of a post-racist America to task on 'Miscegenation On Ya Station!'; and provides sharp commentary on gentrification on 'Trespasser.'

While these topics aren't new for some of the more socially conscious MCs out there, J-Zone succeeds in his approach thanks to his powerful voice and great sense of humor. It's one thing to smack someone upside with knowledge. But if you can do so while also making folks laugh, you're bound to reach even more ears.

The sampler serves as the first peek into J-Zone's 'Peter Pan Syndrome.' It features cats like Celph Titled, Breeze Brewin, Prince Paul, Has-Lo, and R.A. The Rugged Man, among others. It's due out Sept. 10, so mark your damn calendars.

You can listen to the sampler below and pre-order the album here.

[via Complex]