J. Cole premiered the official video for his debut single 'Who Dat' on Monday night (June 22) after a recent trip to his hometown in North Carolina, where he shot the visuals. Cole told The BoomBox that the decision to select 'Who Dat' as the lead track from his upcoming Roc Nation debut was as natural as choosing Fayetteville for the video's setting.

"I already had so many classic songs when I was working that you could tell this album's gonna be a classic," J. Cole said. "But I'ma tell you the truth -- when we did the song we knew right away. The first time we did 'Who Dat' everyone looked around like, 'Yeah, we should go with this one.' So, we kind of knew right off the bat."

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The 25-year-old rapper says he felt that the song's lighthearted content was ideal for his first single. "It's not like I'm on there talking about how much money I got, it's really just playful, classic hip-hop, like, 'You know I'm a better rapper than you!" Cole said. "It's not really, 'I got more money than you and I get more girls than you.' Okay, it's a little bit of that, but I'm not worried about that at all."

"It's not the typical song you would hear," Cole continued, explaining why 'Who Dat' is just what mainstream radio has been missing. "I feel like radio is over here -- you already know what fits on radio -- and then my song is over there and they're still playing it. So in a sense it's helping to change just a small portion of radio."

Check out the video for J. Cole's first single 'Who Dat' after the jump.