Who says you have to release a video as soon as the song drops? Five years after the debut of his track 'Lights Please,' J. Cole delivers the visual for song featured on his 2009 mixtape 'The Warm Up.'

Overall, the video matches the song perfectly, detailing the rapper's struggle between the deeper issues he has with his girl to their sexual encounters. You'll also see a younger looking J. Cole standing on a graffiti-filled rooftop.

It's unknown who plays the North Carolina native's love interest in the video, but the mocha-skinned beauty only makes the footage that much more enjoyable to watch, especially the seductive shower scene she's in.

Shot in 2008, the BB Gunn directed-video was set to be part of a trilogy along with 'Lost Ones' and Simba, according to MTV News, but things didn't work out that way and Cole says he truly regrets it.

"We been holding on to it for way too long," J. Cole said about the video in an interview with Sway Calloway on MTV's 'RapFix.'