While fans continue to wait for his Roc Nation debut, J.Cole will tie listeners over with a new mixtape, 'Friday Night Lights.'

Although some speculated that the mixtape would be called 'Villematic,' Cole put the rumors to bed and teased fans with a 90-second snippet of the mixtape's 'Before I'm Gone.' The piano heavy track, set behind a symphony, is in line with much of the intricate storytelling that we have grown to expect when it comes to the 25-year-old's lyrical prowess.

"When I first decided to do a tape I figured I would just put together all the freestyles and songs that leaked, with 1 or 2 unreleased songs until it became clear that I don't know how to half-a--," Cole explained via Twitter. "So sorry for the wait, but let this music make it up to you!"

Cole gained mainstream notoriety after appearing on Jay-Z's 'Blueprint 3,' and later signed to Hov's label. His highly anticipated debut, tentatively titled 'Cole World,' is scheduled for release sometime in 2011, while the first single, 'Who Dat,' was released earlier this year. In the meantime, 'Friday Night Lights' drops Nov. 12.

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