With visuals for 'Work Out' and 'Can't Get Enough' already making an impact with fans, J. Cole delivers his newest video for 'Daddy's Little Girl,' a track off his debut album, 'Cole World: The Sideline Story,' which drops Tuesday (Sept. 27).

In the clip, the North Carolina native serves as storyteller, delivering lyrics of a woman who once had ambitions of becoming a ballerina but followed a road to a different kind of dance. At the start, a young girl breaks out into her ballerina moves, taking center stage as she shows off her talents. Yet, the same girl, a young adult now, is working a pole as an exotic dancer, using the skills she learned on the come-up to dance provocatively for men who shower her with dollar bills.

"Her mind is on a different level," Cole raps. "Plus the teachers couldn't reach her, always been the rebel/ Hit the club, watch our boy, you're dancing with the devil/ She f---, she suck, she swallow, man, it's like a triple devil."

The woman the 26-year-old rhymes about throws back shots of alcohol to numb the pain and sheds tears as she realizes what her life has become.

Cole's debut album features collaborations with Jay-Z on the self-produced 'Mr. Nice Watch' and Missy Elliott on the '90s-inspired tune 'Nobody's Perfect.' Check The BoomBox's first listen of the effort here.

Watch J. Cole's 'Daddy's Little Girl'