This week J. Cole dropped news that his still-untitled Roc Nation debut is now set for an October release, two months later than his original August prediction. The North Carolina native revealed that he's made final cuts for the album, and needs only to add the finishing touches to his song selections.

When The BoomBox caught up with J. Cole recently he talked us through production on the album, explaining that it would feature work predominantly from No I.D. and, of course, himself. "The first person I got in with was No I.D. and it's funny how it happened because last year we started having conversations about No I.D. but I've been producing my stuff for so long that my concept was initially like, 'I don't need anybody. I'm good.' I've been doing this my way for so long."

Cole says that he recorded tracks with other producers, including Pharrell, Jim Jonsin and Salaam Remi but found his style most similar to No I.D.'s. "If I was gonna get in with anybody it was the right decision to go with No I.D. because his style so closely resembles mine -- or what I want to be -- but he is a pro to the next level and I learned so many things from him."

"When I first got in with him, I didn't think I was gonna do any songs on the album myself 'cause that's how good his beats were. I was like, 'Man, I'm probably gonna have like two songs on the album produced by me," Cole said, explaining his change of heart. "But the production is me on the album too. It's me and No I.D. having the majority of the songs."

With solid production credits already under his belt for both his mixtapes,'The Come Up' and 'The Warm Up,' in addition to his new album, Cole says he plans to take his work even further. "Production is definitely next on my checklist. As soon as I'm done with the album, the promo and the shows, what I really want to do is get my feet firmly planted in the production world and be respected on that level," he said. "A lot of people don't know I'm a producer and that I'm good."