Jay-Z protégé J. Cole was understandably excited when he read the recent headline "Jay-Z Declares J. Cole's Album a 'Classic'." Unfortunately for the up-and-coming MC, the quote came from a statement he had made himself.

In a recent interview with AllHipHop, the Roc Nation signee cleared up the alleged co-sign, describing how the quote initially came about.

"When I saw the headline, I got happy. I was like, 'Jay said my album's a classic!' And then I read it and it was like, (hits forehead with his palm)," Cole explained of Rap-Up.com's initial story. "The story comes from me telling someone what I was told about what he said. It's not like he did an interview and said it. If you ask him, I'm sure he'll probably tell you the same thing [That his album's a classic]. It was so weird to see that headline, I was confused."

Cole went on to say that he had felt extremely appreciative when he first read the headline. "When I heard that, I felt really proud," the 26-year-old North Carolina native continued. "It was cool, imagine, that nod of approval or that confirmation from one of your favorites. Imagine having someone that you look up to in the game say something like that."

Despite the mix-up, Cole's highly anticipated debut, 'Cole World: The Sideline Story,' is in stores on Sept. 27. Cole previewed the album in NYC on Wednesday, revealing production work by himself, Danjahandz and No.I.D..

"I'm very proud of what's on this album," he revealed.