J. Cole knows his fans are patiently waiting for his debut release, and he promises that the project is on its way.

Just shy of announcing an actual release date, the Roc Nation signee maintains that the project is nearing completion. "I know my fans are frustrated with me, because I won't give a date," he said in an interview."I only gave a date one time in my career last year, and I smacked myself in the face because it was so unrealistic. Now I say it's coming soon, and it's really true, because we're in the final stages right now."

The North Carolina native, whose steady underground following put him on the mainstream map, noted that satisfying his own expectations supersedes any pressure put on him by his label. "I don't worry about what the world wants me to do," Cole revealed. "I'm worrying about meeting my expectations."

In the middle of recording the album, the 26-year-old remains busy -- the release of his mixtape 'Friday Night Lights' last November was hugely successful, spawning the Drake assisted single 'In the Morning.' After returning from overseas with Drizzy earlier this year, Cole will head out with Rihanna in June, and will perform at the Atlantic City House of Blues Friday (April 29).

Watch J. Cole's 'Who Dat'

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