Wyclef Jean has made Haiti his top priority since the country experienced a devastating earthquake earlier this year on January 12. The hip-hop star and philanthropist has raised a significant amount of money through his Yele Haiti Foundation, which was founded in 2005 but sprung into action after the national disaster captured the world's attention. Now, we're getting word from the Ottawa-Gatineau newspaper that Clef is actually mulling a run for Haiti's presidency in an election on November 28.

"Haiti still needs our help - more than ever," Clef recently told the U.K. Daily Mirror. "People around the world made lots of promises, and we want those promises to be kept. My wife Claudinette and I are passionate about rebuilding Haiti. We've seen the situation with our own eyes, and we've been listening to others."

Wyclef is serious about the cleanup of the country, but also stresses the need for vast educational and economic reforms if Haiti is going to move into the 21st century as a developed nation rather than a ravaged one. Apparently, he is waiting to finalize his paperwork for the candidacy, but hasn't confirmed or denied these reports as of yet.

Is Wyclef filling a major political role a good idea? Well, that remains to be seen. The hip-hop producer, rapper and singer has little to no political experience, but definitely has stepped forward as the public face of Haiti since January. He has the industry and political connections to get things done and the media spotlight to keep an international focus on Haiti's problems.

"I can't sing forever," he told CNN when asked about the potential run.