According to a complaint that has been posted on several websites, Talib Kweli's management stiffed a man out of $1,200, and he's appealing to the web to get paid.

The unidentified complainant works for Brooklyn's Relief Records, and was allegedly contracted in November of 2007 to film a "Blacksmith Management" VIP event at the Apollo, showcasing Blacksmith artists Kweli and Jean Grae.

The producer said that he had been hired "to bring my whole recording rig up there (desktop tower, pre amps, monitor etc) to record the show for the purpose of using my audio and video they put together of the show for their fledgling "Blacksmith TV" project," according to a missive he wrote about the situation.

Unfortunately, the Blacksmith TV project was abandoned, and he was never paid for his work. "I repeatedly sent them invoices which they kept saying they could not open (ms word files? come on)."

Though there's been no response from the Blacksmith camp as yet, we all know there's more than one side to a dispute over money.