The IRS has given Young Buck a break opting to cancel the scheduled auction of his belongings after his lawyer filed a suit to halt the sale of items to help pay his tax bill. The items, which included jewelry, posters and studio equipment, were seized following a raid of Buck's Tennessee home in August. The auction was scheduled for Thursday (Oct. 28), following an open house to view the merchandise Wednesday (Oct. 27).

According to the rapper's lawyer, he will sell real estate worth over $683,500 to pay off the more than $300,000 tax debt. "Sorry PEOPLE. There will be no AUCTION of my STUFF tomorrow!! Lol!! TRY AGAIN," Buck wrote on his Twitter page Tuesday.

In court filings, Buck's attorney argued that the raid and auction had caused the rapper, born David Darnell Brown, and his family stress, thus crippling his ability to pay the IRS. The lawyer also added that the former G-Unit member's property was needed for his "peace of mind to maintain calmness in order to stimulate the creative juices."

As previously reported, Buck is accused of failing to pay income taxes dating back to 2006. He has announced that he will hire an accountant to help get his finances in order.