Iraqi born, Detroit- based rapper Tony K has dropped gripping visuals for "Welcome to Baghdad," which explores life in his hometown.

The visual follows the journey of a young Iraqi kid that just had his world flipped upside down by ISIS. The song and video aim to draw much-needed attention to the crisis going on in Iraq, offering a voice to the often voiceless. The video starts with an alarming message, saying that an estimated 800,000 to 1 million Iraqi children are now orphans and many of those children are ultimately recruited by ISIS.

"They shootin on my block, go ahead and call the cops/ but I bet they won't show up because it's dangerous on my block," Tony K raps on the hook.

Earlier this year, the rapper/producer released the viral 2Pac Vs. Game of Thrones project and the Michael Jackson Hip-Hop mash-up album The Hip Hop Michael.

You can donate to help Iraqi families and children by clicking here. Watch the video above.

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