ILoveMakonnen hasn't retired just yet. The “retirement tweet” was obviously a setup for the release of his new track, "Sound Like Who?"

The song is seemingly a declaration of his unique sound. On the new track, the former OVO artist calls out the rappers he feels sound too similar. With high pitches and some teeth smacking, ILoveMakonnen raps, "Dem n----s tryin' to sound like / / All these f---ing songs sound the [expletive] same / What the f--- these n----s on."

"Boy them n----s lame / Out here rapping the same s---," he continues. "And when I pull up on these n----s / They never have no bricks / Or no weed, or no molly, or no motherf---ing coke / Man this s--- is not funny, these n----s ain't even got no jokes."

In the wake of his Drake diss and retirement announcement, “Sound Like Who?” seems like an urgent delivery and a far cry from “retirement." The track joins his other new releases like, "Loaded Up," "Can't Let It Go" and "Black Mamba Freestyle."

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Listen ILoveMakonnen's Song "Sound Like Who?"