After dropping iLoveMakonnen 2 and two mixtapes, including Whip It Up with Rich the Kid, iLoveMakonnen is back with new music -- Drink More Water 6 and a new single, "Sellin'."

Part of his Drink More Water mixtape series, the Atlanta rapper has some strong material with an 11-song track list -- as evidenced on his new song "Sellin'." While the synth instrumentals are light and airy, he packs a punch on the lyrical end with words that will keep the hook, "I'm sellin' dope," stuck in your head for days.

Boasting that he's got a massive stash of drugs, iLoveMakonnen showcases a laissez-faire attitude in the video, which shows the rapper in the middle of a gallery while art is created around him.

"I'm out here ballin on a n---a / I will come for your throat / We slash and dash all the night / N---a meet me with my Sprite / I got lean, I got white / I got whatever you need," he raps.

Drink More Water 6 will be released on March 18 via Warner Bros. Records. You can preorder the mixtape here. And in the meantime, you can see the track list below.

1. “Back Again”
2. “Uwonteva”
3. “Big Gucci”
4. “Sellin”
5. “Want You”
6. “Turn Off the Lies”
7. “Solo”
8. “Pushin'”
9. “Live for Real”
10. “I Only Trip With U”
11. “Where I’m At”