Never call Iggy Azalea "Becky." The Aussie rapper has gone on the record to let folks know she does not appreciate being called the nickname, which is in reference to Beyonce's song on her Lemonade album.

On Monday (April 25), Iggy went on Twitter telling one fan, "Don't ever call me a Becky."

“I don’t care. Don’t call all asian women “ming lee” don’t call white women “becky” don’t call black women “sha nay nay," she added.

The thread conversation got a little more intricate as @WhatTaySaid replied: “Becky really hurt you? Does Becky keep you from jobs and being respected? Does Becky mean people disregard your humanity?”

As the controversy surrounding Beyonce's song "Sorry" and the line, “Becky with good hair,” trends all over the internet, Iggy felt a need to set the record straight about where she stands on the "Becky" nickname.

She was quick to defend herself from the BeyHive as soon as the shade was detected. She clarified her statement was not meant as "bey shade."

However, since we’re all expressing ourselves, the term “Becky” is quite versatile. It's a sexual reference but  (usually) it represents the “typical” White woman. Generic in her “classic look” and a “Valley girl” or snobbish in her complaints and her attitude.

What do you think of Iggy Azalea telling her fans to not call her "Becky"? Tell us in the comments below.

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