Iggy Azalea is apparently married. Who knew? Apparently, not Iggy.

According to TMZ, Hefe Wine, her estranged "husband" (titles also include boyfriend and former manager) has filed for divorce from the rapper. Wine seeks an end to his common-law marriage to the Aussie native.

Wine, whose real name is Maurice Williams, is the same guy who claims to have a sex tape with the 'Fancy' rhymer as well as unreleased recordings.

The way he tells the story, he and Azalea agreed to be married, representing themselves as man and wife and living together in Texas around September 2008. Wine says that they were separated in 2013.

According to Texas law, a man and a woman who live together for a considerable length of time are considered legally married if they agree to live under one roof and present themselves as husband and wife.

The real question here is: Did Azalea actually agreed to be married to Wine?

Her rep denies that she held herself out as Wine's wife and never agreed to be married.

He's asking for a judge to stop the blonde bombshell from selling various assets gained during their marriage, which probably includes any unreleased recordings they might have made while they were living with each other -- that alleged sex tape included.

If the judge recognizes their marriage, all of the materials under the union become community property and have to be split evenly.

This looks like a case of a struggling dude looking to come up off a former girlfriend who is now a big-time rap star. This is also becoming a huge distraction for Azalea, who's currently in a relationship with NBA player Nick Young.

Attorneys for Iggy Azalea had no comment on the matter. We hope she can put all of this legal mess behind her.

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