Iggy Azalea just can't catch a break. After her chart-topping track "Fancy" won the Billboard Music Award for Top Rap Song, many fans voiced their disdain and disappointment regarding her victory via social media. Instead of letting the rapper revel in the win, fans of the other artists in the category have teamed up to create a petition to take the award away from her.

Apparently, Iggy Azalea's "Fancy" didn't meet Billboard's requirements in terms of their singles deadline, according to the "Retract Iggy Azalea's Ineligible Award for 'Fancy'" petition. After she was given the award, fans of Drake, Nicki Minaj and J.Cole watched in dismay. These artists' supporters argue that Iggy's "Fancy" was released on Feb. 17, 2014, which missed the deadline of March 10, 2014 through March 10, 2015.

The petition also states, "This is unfair to the other nominees in these category, especially to 'Anaconda' by Nicki Minaj, who most likely would've won. Billboard did not follow their own guidelines and should have to recalculate these nominations without 'Fancy' as a nominee."

Since Nicki's name was specifically called out, we're guessing an angry Barb created the petition. Thousands of fans have signed the petition already. Billboard hasn't responded to the petition yet, but we can almost guarantee that if more signatures are added, it'll lead to a verbal skirmish between Nicki and Iggy fans.

If you think Iggy's award should be snatched back, you can sign the petition here. 

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