For Halloween this year, some rappers decided to dress up as famed fictional characters while other entertainers decided to dress up like... well, other entertainers. Regardless, there were some pretty creative results, like Miley Cyrus parading around as Lil' Kim last night.

Does Iggy Azalea one-up Miley Cyrus with this Cruella De Vil outfit? Perhaps, but she definitely gets extra points by even incorporating a dalmatian into her outfit. We're going to go ahead and assume that dog isn't going to be turned into a fur coat by the end of the night.

In one of the best combinations of character dedication and outright stunting in recent memory, Iggy shows off the vintage car to go with the outfit. 'The New Classic' creator may have won Halloween with this one.

One thing Ellen DeGeneres has over Iggy Azalea is that the person who inspired her outfit actually gave her props on it. Nicki Minaj shouted out the talk show host for her interpretation of a revealing outfit the singer wore when she visited the show. "I didn't know Ellen could get any sexier," Minaj wrote in a caption for a photo she posted on Instagram, which shows a side-by-side picture of herself and DeGeneres.