Here's our daily round-up of news stories from our sister site The Drop:

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The most controversial piece in Kanye's much-hyped A.P.C. collaboration is an $120 plain white "Hip-Hop" t-shirt. We hear it's made of Egyptian cotton, what's the thread count on that 'Ye? [Read more]

Apparently when Gucci Mane isn't having run-ins with the law he's in the studio cranking out music. So much music that he's planning on dropping three mixtapes in a single day. [Read more]

Is the Ying Yang Twins' comeback project 'Ass In Session' worth listening to? Well ... [Read more]

The Weeknd is taking a page out of T-Pain's book and admitting to being in love with stripper in his new video. (Only he's doing it in a very strange Weeknd way.) [Read more]