Ice-T is the latest rapper to jump in the alcohol business, signing on to promote and distribute a line of spirits called Original Gangster XO Brandy. The deal which kicked off a year ago, links Ice with Aiko Importers and Pay Up Management, to endorse the brandy, which is produced in France.

"Ice-T sat down with me and I told him, 'you have to see the presentation.' He loved the taste and the bottle. At the direction of Ice-T, I also told them we didn't want money, we wanted a partnership," Ice's manager Mickey Bentson, told "Ice decided it would be best to have partnership in the business so we can build other brands. The bottles are great and the liquor is fantastic." Bentson, who is also the owner of Pay Up Management, revealed that both Ice and his wife Coco will have their own signature drinks.

Founded in 2004, OG XO Brandy is produced in small batches from "exceptional vineyards" and is currently available in select markets in the U.S., including Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston and Boston. The brandy line will expand nationwide in 2011, and will retail for $22.99-$42.99.