Is Body Count's new video for 'Talk S---, Get Shot' violent? Yes. Is it gory? Yes. Is it racist? According to the group's frontman Ice-T, absolutely not.

The visuals depict people getting blown away by a series of drive-by shootings. However, the victims are all Caucasian.

In an interview with TMZ, the legendary rapper said the white actors used in the clip were chosen by the director -- they were the only people he brought to the set. Despite the lack of variety in nationalities and race, there's no racist message involved.

"The video director only brought white people for us to shoot," said Ice-T. "I had nothing to do with that. That was directed by a guy named Frank. He was connected to the record label, and he brought all those people... But it ain't nothing to do with race. I think people are just looking for something to talk s--- about."

In addition, the 'Law & Order' actor said the song and visuals are directed at those who use the anonymity of social media to say whatever they want. "The video is really directed at bloggers, and people talking mess on the Internet. And it's just our play on what people wish they can do."

'Talk S---, Get Shot' is featured on Body Count's new album, 'Manslaughter.'

Watch Body Count's 'Talk S---, Get Shot' Video