Political pundit and Fox News correspondent Bernie Goldberg recently got his hip-hop "Ices" mixed up on the 'The O'Reilly Factor.' In an attempt to prove that he is not "the whitest man on the planet," Goldberg produced a photo of himself and rapper-actor Ice Cube "chilling" in South Central Los Angeles. However, that's not what he said on live television.

"Here is a picture Bill, of Ice-T, one of the iconic figures in black culture and music, spending a weekday with Bernie." When Goldberg was finished with misguided ID of a rap veteran, O'Reilly corrected him. "That's not Ice-T, that's Ice Cube," he replied.

The photo, undoubtedly of Ice Cube, shows the pair as younger fellows flashing three-fingered hand signs at the camera. Goldberg, who was absolutely sure his picture included 'Law and Order: SVU' star Ice-T, slowly sank back into reality and agreed that O'Reilly was correct.

"I'm a brother, man. You can't be doing that to me," O'Reilly retorted with a laugh, further reiterating why Goldberg's inherent whiteness was so extreme. Hip-hop's most refreshing figure, Ice-T, tweeted his sentiments on O'Reilly's self-proclaimed "brother" status.

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