Ice-T has never been one to hold his tongue, being the blunt entertainer that he is. Days before the VH1 documentary, 'Planet Rock: The Story of Hip-Hop and the Crack Generation,' he executive produced is set to air, the rapper-turned-actor has revealed surprising sentiments about Miami rhymer Rick Ross, who is also a subject of the doc.

"Rick Ross stole a n----'s name," Ice-T reportedly explained. "I call him 'Identity Crisis.'" In the documentary, airing on VH1 Sun., Sept. 18 at 10PM, Ross is labeled under the category of people who try to claim the drug dealer lifestyle yet never actually lived through it. As Ice-T plays narrator, he states that "dudes start putting on the persona [of a drug dealer] like a dookie chain," as images of the bearded MC are shown onscreen.

Former crack kingpin Freeway Ricky Ross, who has been in a legal battle with rapper Rick Ross over "stealing" his moniker, chimed in on the 'Teflon Don' creator's fake image. "Rick Ross stole my name and my identity," Freeway Ricky Ross states. "He's been living the fraud. He's never sold drugs. He was a correctional officer. He's not me. He's not Rick Ross."

Speaking with, Ice-T went on to give details about the doc and what viewers can expect from the storyline. "It's an authentic film," he shares. "I never sold drugs. I had other hustles I was involved with. We had Snoop and [Cypress Hill's] B-Real -- basically the movie is just showing how these kids that were actually on the streets hustling ended up making it and why the music reflected it. It just takes u through that era that some of us lived through. Hopefully it will open people's eyes and people can get a better understanding of that era."

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