Reality TV stars Ice-T and Coco are both published authors now.

The husband and wife team, who star on the E! channel show 'Ice Loves Coco,' have published a pair of books -- 'King of Vices,' an "urban fiction," which is the rapper-turned-actor's second work, and the "erotic mystery" 'Angel,' Coco's first.

"I told her it was the same as with a record," Ice explained to the New York Daily News, of his approach to writing. "You just get with the right producer ... You write your outline and you work back and forth with the ideas and stuff."

"What the publisher did was assign me someone who really knew me," Coco said, of her co-author Laura Hayden. "There were numerous phone ­conversations. I relayed it chapter by ­chapter. I just talked forever."

Meanwhile, Ice credits "producer" Mal Radcliff, with helping him write down his 'The Warriors'-inspired story, which had been knocking around in his head for some time. The novel stars deposed gang leader Crush, who must exact revenge against a former partner.

"I wrote in a way that Crush's story can go on," Ice revealed. "I've already started on the second one."

Ice-T's 'King of Vices' and Coco's 'Angel' are in stores now. He currently stars on NBC's long-running show 'Law & Order: Special Victim's Unit.'

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