Ice Cube recently discussed his flick 'Janky Promoters,' which he released with the "shady" Weinstein Company. "We was messin' with them Weinsteins and...they shady. I mean this is Shady 45, they janky as f--k...Here's what happened, we did the movie with they company, when the financial stuff went on, they went bankrupt. S we was like 'Yo, y'all can't put the movie out. We gonna take the movie over here, sell it to another company, break y'all off and let the movie come out with somebody else.' While we was over there making that deal, they put the s--t out on DVD. Just threw it out there- that's the shadiest s--t! That's like the worst. That's like taking your Mama's wedding ring, and selling it for $50, just crackhead s--t, damn! Yeah, don't do no movies with the Weinsteins, Youu gonna want to choke 'em out if you do." Feel you. [TeamYee]

Porn star Jesse Jane (?) thinks casting the soon-to-be-incarcerated Lindsay Lohan as Linda Lovelace in the 'Deep Throat' biopic is a pretty sweet idea. "The thing is, no one big in Hollywood would play [Linda Lovelace] because it has to do with porn. That's a taboo thing for actresses. Lindsay, I think, will really be able to tap into Linda Lovelace because they might have a lot of things in common." Ouch. [MTV]